3d floor
measurement - sketch - visualization
3d visualization
photorealistic visualization of exteriors and interiors
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Graphic support for the real estate market

We specialize in a comprehensive presentation of properties like houses, apartments, plots and investment areas. We accomplish this through professional 3D loor of spatial design and 3D visualization. Each order is treated individually, and our main goal is to perform professional work and execute the orders to our clients' satisfaction. We have gained our experience in the demanding Scandinavian market.

3d floor

On the basis of supplied drawings we create a three-dimensional plan of the apartment

measurement - sketch - visualization

3D Floor are spatial plans of rooms that show the layout of the whole house or flat. Normal 2D plans only include dimensions and descriptions. 3D Floor plan can show a property in a very visually appealing way eg. a furnished space will be more attractive to the customer. We have been specializing in 3D plans and this is why we are convinced that these plans can increase the sales considerably. When they are combined with photographs and 3D Floor then the potential buyers may be encouraged by seeing the imagine and layout of the property and be more willing to purchase it. We offer both furnished and unfurnished rooms.

When buying an apartment on the secondary market the customer is able to see the photos of each room of the offered property for sale. Therefore, we recommend adding to the offer an apartment in 3D. This way you can see not only the layout of the rooms but present it in a clean, clear and elegant form which is beneficial. When the property for sale is nice, renovated and cosy then the 3D Floor is a nice addition. But when the property is before the renovation, the 3D Floor can make the offer really attractive.

How do we create the 3D Floor? We make it using the 2D drawings with the given dimensions of space that were captured by a photographer or a real estate agent or the 3D Floor is based on the original plans of the building. Our interior architects draw in a special program. First the walls are drawn then the windows and doors are inserted, next the interior is filled with suitable materials and finally the apartment is furnished and decorated.

This service is addressed to both real estate agencies that offer properties from the secondary market and developers that sell newly built estates. Since we are able to act quickly our 3D floor can be included the moment the offer is inserted on the website or send to the press folder.

We can also do only 3D Floor without any additional services. You can send to our e-mail a handwritten sketch of an apartment or another property, and we will send you a finished 3D Floor saved in jpg. We can also insert such files on templates, for example with a logo of a real estate company.


3d visualization

We offer photorealistic visualizations of architecture, buildings and interiors. We perform an assembly of 3D objects from photographs, including air photos. In order to increase the attractiveness of the interior we prepare its styling in 3D.


Thanks to the visualization you can see the end result already at the stage of its design. What counts most when selling the product is the possibility to see it. It is always vital and has a great impact on the decision whether to buy it or not. 3D visualizations of real estates are a great tool to show the client the end vision of what has not yet been completed or yet started to exist. Such service is the best option and key to sale especially for developers. Visualizations create the image of the future design of buildings, interior design and the surrounding space. Visualizations make the buyer have a better picture of the facility to be built. Not everyone has the ability to visualize something that not yet has been done. 3D visualization makes it possible.

We make photorealistic visualizations that are rare on the market. With air photos taken with drone, which can show the exact area of the construction or land dedicated for the investment we can insert into the image a rendered model of the building. This photomontage will let us achieve a visualization that will make the picture look of good quality and appearance. Our offer includes external - and internal visualizations.


Thanks to the exterior the investor can show the attractiveness of the area around the plot, only the parcel, the view from the terrace, also the look of the building, block, house or the entire estate. It is also possible to show the localisation of houses (the distance between them), playgrounds, and even the types of exterior materials used in the construction of houses. There can be two kinds of exteriors. There is an air view from the ground and from the terrace. Making visualizations, we closely base our work on the projects of architects, constructors, material specifications and project landscape architects. This ensures that our visualizations do not differ from the subsequent reality.


It is important to fit the style of furniture to the intentions of the investor. It happens that we design interiors based on the future potential home buyers. We have done visualizations of houses for: people in their sixties, as our the customer's intention was to build a quiet cozy home, people who want to buy a house or an exclusive apartment of high standard, young people who require modern design and a good look.

In our visualizations of the kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms in addition to the selected style (does not matter whether it is the Scandinavian austerity and simplicity, colorful and exclusive lightness or dream glamour) the most important is that you can feel the homely atmosphere. We will make it a cosy place where you like to sit on the sofa and have a cup of coffee. Our visualizations are always created with passion because we love doing it.


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